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Gillian Davis

Founder of OverTime, Gillian is a transformational leadership expert.

Since co-authoring First Time Leader (Wiley,2014) she has been on a mission to help organisations create the space for leadership to thrive. Starting her career in her family’s executive recruitment business she has always been fascinated by the connection between empowered employees and their impact on business success. 

She works with leadership teams of fast growing digital businesses who are going through rapid change. She focuses on creating practical and applicable content that her participants can put into action immediately. Her experience with companies such as ustwoWeTransferPinterest, has allowed her to gain valuable insight into what Leaders need now, and in the future, in order to be successful.

In her spare time, she teaches regularly at General Assembly, runs leadership advisory for Google Campus’ AI start-up residency, hosts a leadership podcast and blogs for Virgin.



Heather Taylor Portmann

Heather works with people to develop the tools, mindset and approach needed to embrace change  and modern ways of working.

She holds certifications in Scrum and service design, but draws on a breadth of methodology and practical tools from across technology, design and leadership in her work. 

She often works 'embedded' in organisations for a fixed period of time to support our clients through intense periods of change. For the past eight years, she has been working with fast-changing organisations across design, technology and social good: With stints at three award-winning creative innovation studios (ustwo, Made by Many and Adaptive Lab) and delivering work for high-profile clients, such as Skype, ITV, the NSPCC, and TransferWise. 


Jorg ruis

Jorg is the founder of Culture Builders, HE helps companies create an outstanding culture so people can do their best work.

Previously, he was CMO at MessageBird (Y Combinator S16 alumni) and The Next Web where he was the driving force behind the brand and company culture since the early days.

Seven years into his online marketing career, Jorg joined The Next Web as Chief Marketing Officer. He started to visit Silicon Valley often and experience the culture of numerous startups and tech companies like Etsy, Twitter, Evernote, Google, and Facebook. Learning a lot about what makes a culture thrive or deteriorate - he began to actively shape the culture at The Next Web.



Kate Rees

Kate is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation and has trained with The Resilience Institute, Kaos Pilots, Academy of Executive Coaching and most recently with Barefoot Coaching.

As well as an independent personal and team coach, Kate has worked with clients such as Barclays, Harvey Nichols, TfL, Google Deepmind and Ford as a team coach for ustwo London.

As a personal and team coach Kate can help people to change for the better, not just their working day, but their lives as a whole. Through coaching and facilitation Kate supports and encourages people and teams to become their best self in everything they do. With empathetic, and sometimes provocative, questions and exercises she helps clients understand their goals and helps empower them to remove barriers and start moving in the direction that is the most exciting, effective and authentic one.