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Gillian Davis

Founder / Managing Director

Gillian Davis is a transformational leadership expert and author of “First-Time Leader” (Wiley).

As a coach and advisor to technology executives around the world, she understands what it takes for leadership to thrive in fast-changing, high-growth environments. Her experience working with leadership teams across start-up, scale-up and corporate environments, has enabled her to gain valuable insight into what leaders need now, and in the future, in order to be successful.

Born in Montreal, based in London, she can be often found crossing the Atlantic. In her spare time, she teaches regularly at General Assembly, runs leadership advisory for Google Campus’ AI start-up residency, hosts a leadership podcast and occasionally blogs for Virgin.



Heather Taylor Portmann


Heather works with people to develop the tools, mindset and approach needed to embrace change  and modern ways of working. She holds certifications in Scrum and service design, but draws on a breadth of methodology and practical tools from across technology, design and leadership in her work. 

For the past eight years, she has been working with fast-changing organisations across design, technology and social good: With stints at three award-winning creative innovation studios and delivering work for high-profile clients, such as Skype, ITV, the NSPCC, and TransferWise. 

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Alain Desmier


Alain is a seasoned entrepreneur who has spent more than a decade working in rapidly growing businesses in London, Berlin and Los Angeles. Founding a fintech platform in 2012, Alain exited the business to private equity in 2016 and then returned to University to qualify as an executive coach at the University of Cambridge.

Alain is a strategic consultant, facilitator and entrepreneurial coach who works with organisations to create motivated and ambitious teams that generate millions of pounds worth of innovative, new revenue streams, campaigns and products.


Elise Nobileau-Forget


Elise is passionate about leadership development., it is her belief that through the development of strong, authentic leaders, all levels of an organisation are more engaged and better equipped to deliver on business goals.  .

She came to coaching after a 20-year career in finance, fintech and e-commerce at senior levels.  She holds an MBA from INSEAD, certification in coaching from the International Coaching Federation (IFC) and continues to mentor entrepreneurs for the Virgin Start-Up Mentorship Programme.