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Why First Time Manager TraiNING? 

A lot of scale-ups share the challenge of having new managers leading and growing big teams early on in their careers. Executive leadership teams are overstretched and don't have the capacity to support developing managers’ skills, such as how to hire, give feedback or implement change.

Our 6-week intensive Scale-Up Management programme is made for modern organisations going through rapid growth.  In our experience, we have found that managers’ learning (and the benefit to the organisation) is more impactful when participants have a chance to take on new knowledge, then try things out and reflect - over time.

Who is it for?

  • Recently promoted first time managers. 
  • Managers that have limited managerial experience but have grown into a team lead position.
  • Those in roles that require the ability to influence multiple stakeholders ( 👋 product managers!)
  • Team leads expected to grow their teams significantly over the next coming months.


  • Managing Change
  • Defining Management Style
  • Scaling Your Team
  • Team Dyncamics
  • Performance + Progression 

WHAT's included...

  • A detailed weekly workbook including inspiration, resources and practical tools which they will have unlimited access to reference in the future
  • Six group learning sessions facilitated by a leadership coach 
  • Practical assignments to apply to their day-to-day challenges
  • Access to the OverTime Community of managers and exclusive events

After hiring talent, the second most important factor stopping scale-up leaders from growing their revenues faster is lack of capacity and experience in the leadership team. 

— Scale-Up Report 2014 (Sherry Coutu CBE)

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