The Leadership Series

The Leadership Series are four one-day workshops that have been designed specifically for the modern manager. Based on insights from our experience with fast growing tech companies such as WeTransfer, MessageBird and ustwo we have identified the most critical skills that managers need in order to lead their teams in the current workplace environment. 

Our workshops come with practical applications and tools that attendees can put into practice immediately. In addition attendees have access to our growing community of high-achieving managers who learn from and with each other. 



The current state of business is being challenged; managers are expected to lead the change. In this workshop, our  ‘Minimum Viable Change’ approach provides a process that enables managers to be confident in leading change.


Hiring + Firing

Attracting, recruiting and retaining teams is an essential part of a managers responsibility. In this workshop, managers are given a step-by-step guide on managing the candidate experience from application to onboarding to performance management. 


Confidence + Communication

Effective communication requires confidence, self-awareness and the ability to adapt to others. In this workshop, managers will understand their personal communication styles so that they are more confident in giving (and receiving) feedback, having influence and leaning into hard conversations. 


Team Dynamics 

Teamwork makes the dream work, sounds cliché but it’s true. Many teams are now cross-functional and this requires a step change in how to lead. In this workshop, managers will be given tools and techniques to create the right environment for high-performing teams.



Workshops are designed for in-house teams. Each workshop is planned for a day or can be split into two consecutive half-days. 


Get in touch for details. We offer one-off sessions or a pack of all four,

Designed for:

Team Leaders in fast-paced environments looking to upskill their management capabilities.