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We work with fast-paced companies that are committed to making real change and commitment. 

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The antithesis of traditional “management” training, Gillian’s support has helped us become a more compassionate, more aligned, more productive organisation. From creating a culture of easy, constructive feedback through to streamlining the hiring process and the implementation of company wide strategies she delivers enormous business value and will inspire managers of all levels to become better leaders.
— Chief Operating Officer, Dice FM
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An inspiring and thought provoking session about authentic leadership in the workplace.
— Community Manager, Pinterest
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Gillian has a great talent for teasing out the sorely felt but often intangible aches of an organisation. And then confronts them head on, with candor, grit and humor.

I can honestly say that Gillian’s coaching was one of the key factors that gave me the confidence and purpose to step into the limelight and embrace the challenges of leadership.
— Chief Product Officer, WeTransfer

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